Welcome to Arbor Equity Group, a partner for your investment journey. We specialize in small businesses and community development, aiming to foster growth and security through innovative strategies and a dedication to excellence. At Arbor, above all else, we emphasize collaboration. We work closely with our investment partners to build a future where investment goals are not only met, but exceeded. Your path to prosperity is ours. Join us for secure and relational growth.


We understand that successful ventures are built on trust, collaboration, and strong relationships. We prioritize the cultivation of long-lasting partnerships with our investors, communities, and the businesses we invest in. Our commitment to open communication, mutual respect, and shared goals enables us to work together efficiently, driving innovation and growth. At the heart of our approach lies a belief in the power of relationships to unlock the full potential of businesses and create lasting value.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and believe transparency, honesty, and responsibility are non-negotiable.  Our commitment to maintaining steadfast integrity ensures that our clients and partners can trust that we prioritize their best interests and that our actions consistently align with our principles.  Our dedication to ethical conduct is a guiding force in all aspects of our work and is reflected in our mission to create long-lasting value with each industry we invest in.


We recognize that in the ever-evolving business landscape, harnessing innovative ideas and fresh perspectives is essential for long-term success.  Our dedicated team combines creative thinking with deep industry knowledge to identify unique opportunities and tailor strategies that drive growth, transform businesses, and create enduring value for our clients.  We believe that by embracing creativity, we not only stay ahead of the curve but also pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.


Our seasoned professionals bring in-depth industry knowledge and a wealth of experience to every investment we undertake.  With a commitment to continuous learning and a proven track record of success, we leverage our expertise to navigate the complexities of the private equity landscape, providing our clients with strategic insights and clever solutions that optimize their investments.

Our Team

Meet the Arbor Equity Group’s distinguished investment team, lead by a synergistic trio wielding a potent blend of expertise, innovation, and strategic foresight to guide your investments toward flourishing futures.